Sunday, April 25, 2010

NYX Lipstick and Lipgloss

Here is review on NYX series. I bought this piece from CherryCulture. Among the products are NYX round lipstick(USD1.75), NYX Mega shine lipgloss (USD3.75), you do the maths in RM..or here's the currency converter.
I got three shades of color from NYX round lipstick, sila scroll down ke bawah:
Ini ialah Electra, hot red yg sangat pigmented and easily smudge. suggested to wear together with lipliner so that the lipstick will be in place. Great with Hollywood Pin-up look like Dita-Von-Teese, Katy Perry and bla bla..
Spellbound shade yg ni is a bright pink type color.
Model is wearing Spellbound(very thin application sbb xnak nampak too bright) + NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Tea Rose..
For Vitamin, the color is very orange nude and shimmery, scroll down for pic yang dah tonyoh kat tangan..
For more outshine result of the lipsticks, it can be applied together with Megashine lipgloss, the lipgloss help to make the lipstick stay long on our lips.
Pictures shown the color of both round lipstick and Megashine Lipgloss.
Afterall, for cheap price range, NYX lipstick/lipgloss definitely worth the dollar.


  1. the colour is so nice~ camna nak beli?